[About MILBON Manufacturing and Production Department]
We are working on 'efficient production' of 'better products' which satisfy our customers.
[Umegaoka Plant]

Located in a new city 'Yumepolis Iga' which has the combined functions of 'living,' 'working,' 'learning,' and 'relaxing', it plays a central role in the Production Headquarters together with Production Management and Production Technology Development besides from the Manufacturing Department. It is an efficient Production Factory which enables multi-product variable production that meets the demand of hair color market, and allows one-way flow without crossing the flow lines of human, raw materials, and products.

  • Three types of automated warehouses and automatic transport devices are connected to a computer, and on-site logistics are systematized from the arrival of raw materials to the shipment of products.
  • Installed similar figure tanks from 100 kg - 4000 kg to create a system that can flexibly change the production volume according to demand.
  • As a GMP-compatible cosmetics factory, pay close attention to maintaining high standard of quality by having windowless, clean-room, and zone-based management.
  • Adopted a system that decomposes and purifies factory wastewater by bacteria, ammonia gas in the factory is recovered and neutralized, and harmful gas is completely treated in consideration of the environment, such as cold water heat storage and solar power generation. We are also actively engaged in energy saving activities by installing ecological equipment such as wind power generation.
Yumegaoka Plant Site Area : 58345.54m2
Construction Area : 12246.25m2
North Wing : 6814:22m2
South Wng : 5432.03m2
Storage Capacity North Wing Automated Warehouse : 31.9m
- Raw Materials
- Materials (13 rows) 819 racks
- Products (17 rows) 2,312 racks
Total 3,131 racks

South Wing Automated Warehouse: 27.65m
- Raw Materials & materials (15 rows) 1,414 racks
- Products (19 rows) 636 racks
Total 2,050 racks
Production Capacity 35 billion yen
No. of Lines 18 lines
- North Wing: 9 lines
- South Wing: 9 lines
No. of Tanks 17 tanks
Main Production Items North Wing: Permanent waves products, hair color oxidants, hair care products (shampoos, treatments, leave-in treatments, styling products)

South Wing: Hair color cream, hair manicure, hair care products (shampoos, treatments, all refill products)
[Environmental Initiatives]
Milbon Co., Ltd. creates beauty of hair while contributes to the affluence of people’s hearts and a comfortable society by striving to preserve the global environment.
[Basic Policy]

Milbon Co., Ltd. Production Headquarters will promote environmental conservation activities based on the following policies in order to reduce the environmental burden as much as possible in the business related to the production of hair cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and related equipment.

[CO2 Emissions / Reduction]

At the MILBON factory, we are working on environmental issues. At the Yumegaoka Plant, we have introduced some solar power and wind power generation equipment as energy-saving equipment

[Responsibility for Environmental Impact]

MILBON's Yumegaoka Plant is working to eliminate energy-related waste from all aspects, as it becomes difficult to reduce CO2 as production increases. In production technology, we promote energy reduction by incorporating 'low temperature emulsification,' which is a slow manufacturing process without applying heat. In addition, with regard to industrial waste, we are continuing our ambitious efforts, such as selecting potential industrial resources and linking them to recycling.

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